The Website Is Finished. Now For Marketing...

I finished the website for about a week ago. There were way too many customizations and problems I needed to code in. 

I went out one night, about 3 weeks ago, for some pizza, and felt really good that I had "finished" the website. I of course got out my phone and showed a friend the website. As they scrolled through the home page they said, "Is your website supposed to do that." I found myself making excuses like, "That's just the website template." Had gotten home frustrated, I realized the website was only half done: It had not been "mobile first design". For the next 2 weeks I sat down every night and recoded/redesigned the website for mobile first. 

And here I am now: Website finished- I even took a week off. Now that I'm as relaxed as a lost puppy in a category 5 hurricane, the marketing problem ensues.

I once heard that all of marketing is answering a simple question: How do I let people know about Irusu socks?

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